Scientific Speaker List

The Scientific Session will be held on Monday, May 16th & Tuesday, May 17th, 2016. This session is designed to share the outstanding research that is conducted at neighboring universities in the Midwest and Big Ten conference.
Scientific Speakers: See the Presentation Details page to obtain specific presentation guidelines

Alexander Converse, PhD University of Wisconsin-Madison – Waisman Center
Amit Joshi, PhD Medical College of Wisconsin – Biomedical Imaging Shared Resource
Andrew Heinmiller, MS Fujifilm VisualSonics
Charles Manning, PhD Vanderbilt University – Institute of Imaging Science
Chris A. Flask, PhD Case Western Reserve University – Imaging Research Shared Resource
David Stout, PhD Retired Professor, UCLA – Crump Institute for Molecular Imaging
Doug Rice, PhD Notre Dame – Integrated Imaging Facililty
Eben Rosenthal, MD Stanford School of Medicine
Feng Chen, PhD Memorial Sloan Kettering – Cornell Center for Translation of Cancer Nanomedicine
Hemi Dimant, PhD inviCRO
Jamey Weichert, PhD University of Wisconsin-Madison – Small Animal Imaging Facility
Jenny Yang, PhD Georgia State University
Jim Delikatny, PhD University of Pennsylvania – Small Animal Imaging Facility
Kevin Eliceiri University of Wisconsin-Madison – Laboratory for Optical and Computational Instrumentation
Kimerly Powell, PhD The Ohio State University – Small Animal Imaging Core
Kooresh Shoghi, PhD Washington University in St. Louis – Preclinical PET/CT Imaging Facility
Lara Leoni, PhD University of Chicago – Integrated Small Animal Imaging Research Resource
Mark Smith, PhD University of Maryland-Baltimore – Core for Translational Research in Imaging
Marty Pagel, PhD University of Arizona – Contrast Agent Molecular Engineering Laboratory
Patrick Hankins, PhD Northwestern University – The O’Halloran Group
Paul Territo, PhD Indiana University – Biomedical Imaging Sciences
Peter LaViolette, PhD Medical College of Wisconsin – Biomedical Imaging Shared Resource
Pierre-Alix Dancer, MS Kendall Partnering
Ray Hickey, PhD Mayo Clinic-Rochester – Center for Advanced Imaging Research
Reinier Hernandez, MS University of Wisconsin-Madison – Molecular Imaging and Nanotechnology Lab
Scott Davis, PhD Dartmouth College – Optics in Medicine Laboratory
Thomas Neuberger, PhD Penn State University – Small Animal Imaging Facility