Faculty Speaker List

The Facilities Session (by invitation only) will be held on Sunday, May 15th, 2016. Only invited Facility Speakers, Facility Directors, Managers, and Technicians will be in attendance for the Facility Session presentations. Scientific Speakers who are not also Facility Speakers will attend the 6:30 pm Facility Tour and the 7:00 pm Dinner/Social at the UW Health Sciences Learning Center (HSLC).

One representative from each location will present on behalf of their facility. This session is designed for the imaging facility personnel to share their lab’s general operational details, including their successes and challenges. The overall goal of this session is to learn from each facility’s operations in order to improve upon our own facilities and to establish rapport with those who share similar professional interests and goals.

Facility Speakers: See the Presentation Details page to obtain specific presentation guidelines

Amanda Klaas Washington University in St. Louis – Small Animal Cancer Imaging
Anna Bratasz, PhD The Ohio State University – Small Animal Imaging Core
Chad Haney, PhD Northwestern University – Center for Advanced Molecular Imaging
Chris A. Flask, PhD Case Western Reserve University – Imaging Research Shared Resource
Elizabeth Browning, PhD University of Pennsylvania – Small Animal Imaging Facility
Justin Jeffery University of Wisconsin-Madison – Small Animal Imaging Facility
Kati LaSance University of Cincinnati – Vontz Core Imaging
Lara Leoni, PhD University of Chicago – Integrated Small Animal Imaging Research Resource
Mark Smith, PhD University of Maryland-Baltimore – Core for Translational Research in Imaging
Sarah Chapman Notre Dame – Integrated Imaging Facililty
Mike Schulte, PhD Vanderbilt University – Institute of Imaging Science
Paul Territo, PhD Indiana University – Biomedical Imaging Services
Peter LaViolette, PhD Medical College of Wisconsin – Biomedical Imaging Shared Resource
Susan Walsh, MA University of Iowa – Small Animal Imaging Core Facility
Thomas Neuberger, PhD Penn State University – Small Animal Imaging Facility
Tracy Decklever Mayo Clinic-Rochester – Center for Advanced Imaging Research